Celebrating Music & TV History with Austin City Limits


When producers at Austin City Limits approached Sanctuary Printshop to make shirts to honor of the memory of Studio  6A, Sanctuary set-out to create something that captures the feeling  and vibe of the historic music television program. Every detail for the shirts came under careful planning and evaluating. Based on experience, Sanctuary knows different people like different shirts so, therefore, two brands of black shirts were chosen to print on. Some people prefer their shirts to be tight and snug, while others like long and loose; either way, Sanctuary hopefully has it covered.

With such a compressed time-frame for printing shirts on-site with the El Camino, Sanctuary designed a simple and classic rock-n-roll shirt for the occasion.  As an added creative touch, the hang-tags used for the shirts resemble records and are made from recycled LP covers while also doubling as a drink coaster.

ACL_6A_07For this particular event, Sanctuary printed over 1,000 shirts to give away and sell. The team split up, some stationed in the ACL studios, others outside Hogg Auditorium for the simulcast showing. The shirts at the ACL studio seemed to disappear almost immediately. The demand for the one-of-a-kind shirts was more than expected.

Meanwhile at Hogg, the team sold shirts for all the folks attending the simulcast. At first a steady stream of customers grabbed up shirts to celebrate the occasion. Just as quick as the people came, they went, inside, clamoring over seats. While demand for the shirts at Hogg hadn’t quite reached the levels a few hundred yards away at the studio, the team soon found out they would quickly be overrun.

During the taping, each of the teams had the opportunity to catch parts of Lyle Lovett’s performance in the historic studio. The evening had an electric charge in the air and the show stopped at nothing short of awesome. Though the taping lasted a bit longer than most, the show seemed to end quickly and all too soon.

ACL_6A_05When the show let-out, the crew at Hogg was swamped with customers and ran out of the shirts in only a few short minutes. After all the chaos and excitement subsided,  only a handful of t-shirts had not yet been sold or claimed. Due to overwhelming response and demand for the commemorative shirts, the Sanctuary will print more for the Austin City Limits web store.

The Sanctuary team, delighted and thrilled to be a part of such an important moment of history, had accomplished their goal: the shirts excited everyone who purchased or received one. The night ended a success!

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