Hand-made CD packaging for Alexa Woodward

The bitter, cold weather may get you down, but at the shop our spirits are high. We’ve been listening to Alexa Woodward’s newest album, “It’s a Good Life, Honey, If You Don’t Grow Weary” and Sanctuary’s graphic designer, Dan Grissom, has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the new album. The cover for the album draws from inspiration from a book of Turkish fairy tails, as well as the singer’s great-grandmother. A quote often heard from her great-grandmother became the album’s title; ” [she] said it repeatedly during her last years living with Alzheimer’s disease.” Now, Alexa is sharing this family treasure with her fans to keep in mind, as she often does, when life becomes a bit confounding.

To fully appreciate the hard work and creativity that has gone into the album, you really need to hold it in your hands. Not only is the cover letterpressed by Dan, but the booklet contained inside is original artwork by the singer/songwriter. Art within the booklet corresponds to each song and doubles as a coloring book, enabling you to put your own unique and creative spin on her art. This extraordinary piece of art came to fruition through a grant from the Metropolitan Arts Council of Greenville, SC.

The young singer primary resides in Greenville, NC, but Austin and New York could be considered her second and third home. Previously attendingĀ  law school and passing the bar exam in New York, Alexa found her life passion to be playing banjo and singing around the country. Her songs have been featured in a variety of media including Fox’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Adult Swim’s ‘Mongo Wrestling Alliance‘, and The Twilight series closing credits. Alexa will be in Austin January 27th, celebrating her CD release at the Central Presbyterian Church. Special guest, Some Say Leland will be performing for the CD release party as well. Visit Alexa’s website for more information about the CD release party and how to get her new album to add to your collection.