Mural design and paint for Sixth Street Historic District

We love Austin, and we take great pride in helping it look as vibrant and unique as the culture it boasts.

Our latest opportunity to give back to this city came when Sanctuary noticed a blank wall entering the Sixth Street Historic District. To us, it was a blank canvas with huge potential. After getting the go ahead from the city, the guys went to work.

The mural design was inspired by Sanctuary designer Lance McIlhany’s recent trip to visit his grandmother in Abilene Texas, and all the old hand-painted signs he studied on his trip. The mural design combines classic Texas sign painting and an approachable hand-made feeling with a modern twist. The bright colors and boldness of text make it a perfect photo-op while encompassing the cheerful, independent and proud spirit of Austin.

The guys spent each night after work hand-painting the mural into the wee hours of the morning. After a week, a little bit of paint, and a lot of elbow grease, the mural was ready to go.

And now it’s yours, Austin. Play your guitars in front of it, snap a photo with it – heck even taking naps in front of it isn’t out of the question. We love this city, and hope you love our mural.


  • Paint used: 1shot and exterior house paint
  • Painted on: 6th & I-35
  • Design by: Lance McIlhany
  • Painted by: Jed Taylor, Dan Grissom, Tony Sanchez, Lance McIlhany


Check out photos and video of the complete production process below! 


6th Mural