Pictures from the TWENTYTEN Premiere Party

We are happy to announce that the party picts from the TWENTYTEN Premiere Party are now up! You can tag yourself on our Facebook album ( ) or you can see our Flickr Stream (scroll down).  Find out about future parties and events by following us on Twitter:

Remember that the Sanctuary Printshop does a whole lot more than just thrown big parties and sell our own unique graphic tees.  We make custom stuff for people like you everyday:

  • Silkscreen shirts, hoodies (minimum order of 24)
  • Embroidery on hats, jackets, shirts, bags – anything you can sew
  • Silkscreen Posters and business cards
  • Banners, stage backdrops, signage, koozies, hats, buttons (We’re talking to you SXSW event planners)

Want to impress your guests in that DIY kind of way?  We also do ON-SITE printing of both custom shirts and posters for your special events.  We’ll roll the Camino up and start printing out of the back.

Contact us first when you need a big dose of silk-screened Awesome:

Back to the business at hand. Have YOU been immortalized in picture form on the internet? Check them out and see: