Sanctuary Printshop featured in Community Impact newspaper

Look for a feature story about the Sanctuary Printshop written by Kelsey Wilkinson in the July 2010 edition of Community Impact Southwest Austin edition.   If you live in Southwest Austin, a paper copy of Community Impact should arrive in your mailbox soon.  If you don’t live in South Austin, first off – we’re very sorry, second, you can read our story online right here.

We can’t say enough about the good folks at Community Impact, back in March they did a short blurb about our El Camino activities during SXSW .  For this story we recounted the history of the Sanctuary, which revived some good memories for both Jon and Jed.

After reading the finished article it is hard to  believe we have come so far in just 6 years. All of the thanks, of course, goes to you – our loyal customers and fans.

Here’s a a slice (We’re thinking this is Pulitzer worthy…):

Originally starting print work from Taylor’s garage five years ago, the two realized they had a knack for combining the creative elements of design with the technical aspects associated with printing.

“Sometimes [people] have to separate the two, where [they] design something and have to hand it off to someone else to print it,” Pattillo said. “We are just both guys that like to make stuff with our hands, and we like to design stuff with our heads. That’s what we do.”

Skilled in the elements of form and function, Patillo and Taylor steadily grew their client base and moved from studio to studio as both of their separate businesses grew. Eventually they decided to make their working relationship official. In 2009 the self-proclaimed “artists who happen to own a print shop” created Southside Sanctuary.

“Every day I am surprised,” Patillo said of the growing interest in the business. “The biggest surprise is that we have been as large as we are; our kitchen in our shop now is bigger than our whole first shop. It is wild.”

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Want to print it out and put it up on the fridge? Download a PDF version here: CoummunityImpactJuly2010.pdf