Clothes Printing

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clothes printing

Clothes printing, or screen printing, is a process that applies patterns on a garment by using an ink that does not soak into the fabric. It is either hand operated or done with an automatic machine. Screen printing can also be used on a range of fabric types, including cotton and polyester. The process can be used to produce a large number of identical shirts at one time. The printed design may be applied to the whole garment or just part of it, depending on the desired effect.

When choosing a printing method, think about the type of designs you want to sell and the amount you wish to print. Then, find a printer that can meet your needs and budget. There are several different ways to print onto clothing, from direct-to-garment (DTG) to sublimation and heat transfer printing. Each method offers advantages and disadvantages.

DTG machines use digital printers to spray water-based ink onto a garment, much like an ordinary computer printer would. A pre-treatment solution is then applied to the fabric to help the ink bond with the material. This method is ideal for light-colored garments and can be a good choice for small runs of custom orders.

In heat transfer printing, a pattern is printed on a piece of paper, and then transferred to the fabric by passing it through a hot calender. The fabric and the printed paper are then cut to size. Generally, the bleed around the edges of the image will show on the finished garment, so it is important to ensure that the design has been carefully cut before printing.

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