Clothes Printing Methods

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Clothes printing is a method of applying designs to fabrics for a specific purpose. It’s used to create t-shirts, for instance, and many people use this method to produce custom ones for their personal or business needs. There are various printing methods to choose from, and it’s important to find one that is durable enough for the intended use. To help you choose the best printing method, here are a few tips.

One of the oldest and most popular clothes printing methods is screen printing. It’s a technique that’s well known for its durability and works well with most types of fabrics. It’s also a great option for large orders since it is cost-effective and efficient. It is possible to print almost any kind of design using this method, but you need to be careful about fabric type and color choice.

The dye sublimation printing method is another good option. This is perfect for polyester fabrics, as the dyes integrate with the fibers to give a smooth and bright look. It isn’t suitable for cotton, as the dyes will be absorbed by the porous fabric. This printing method is ideal for high-end, expert effects, such as photographs and other artwork.

Heat transfer vinyl printing, which is sometimes called iron-on printing, is another good option for t-shirts. It uses a plotter to cut out any number of colors from sheets of vinyl plastic-based fabric. One side of the sheet is colored and features removable tape, while the other is coated with an adhesive activated by heat. The pattern is then transferred to the shirt by heating it under a hot press.

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