Clothes Printing Options

Written by adminsan on September 1, 2023 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

Clothes printing is an important aspect of making your shirts stand out from the crowd. There are many options to choose from, such as screen printing, dye sublimation, and heat transfer. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a good idea to consider your needs carefully before choosing one. Some methods work better with certain types of fabric, and some are better for printing photos or more intricate designs.

The first option is screen printing, which involves a stencil with ink pushed through it onto the garment. This is a common method used in professional shops because it produces vibrant colors and durable results. It’s best for multicolored designs, although it can be challenging to produce large orders, as each color requires a new screen and template.

Another option is discharge printing, which uses water-based inks to bleach the existing colour on the fabric and replace it with a new one. This is a great option for black or dark-coloured fabrics, and it can produce a vivid design that looks like it’s a part of the fabric itself.

Finally, you can use DTG printing, which is a digital process that prints directly onto the shirt. This is a great choice for high-end, expert effects, and it’s also easy to operate. It’s best for prints that require several colors, and it’s especially useful if you’re printing a lot of shirts quickly.

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