Clothes Printing Processes

Written by adminsan on June 18, 2023 in Printing with no comments.

Clothes printing can be an effective production method for businesses looking to sell their designs on t-shirts and other types of clothing. However, this technique can also be time-consuming and requires specialized equipment. Choosing the best process for your specific needs is crucial to ensure that your products are of the highest quality and can be sold at competitive prices.

There are various processes of fabric printing, but the most common is screen printing. This technique involves using a mesh to transfer ink onto fabric, which creates a design on the garment. It’s ideal for dark colors and works well on natural fabrics like cotton. It is also a great choice for large orders because it can be cost-effective, particularly for long runs of the same design.

Another method of printing is digital print. This is an inkjet-based printing technology that uses a wide range of colors to print on a fabric. This process is ideal for smaller, more detailed prints because it can produce a vivid, high-quality image on a shirt with minimal effort. It also allows for more flexibility, as it is suitable for a variety of fabric types and sizes.

Another option is discharge print. This technique is typically used for white t-shirts, and it can be difficult to use with other colors. It can be a good option for small quantities of shirts, as it eliminates the need to keep inventory. The technique requires special ink, which can make the shirts more expensive than other printing methods.

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