Custom Sticker Printing – The Hottest Trend in Marketing

Written by adminsan on May 1, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

sticker printing

Custom sticker printing is one of the hottest trends in marketing. While most people associate the concept of custom sticker printing with edgy labels, it actually has mainstream marketing applications. Sticker obsessed consumers will proudly display their favorite brand logo on their phones, laptops, and more, thus becoming the brand’s stealth marketing army. These days, mobile device cover stickers are also on trend, as people love to flaunt their favorite causes or artists.

While the color accuracy of stickers will vary depending on the printer used, it is best to check a sample sheet before ordering them. A trial run will help determine how well the design will turn out and which elements are necessary for a great sticker. When printing in bulk, a thermal laminating machine is much more convenient. You should choose a clear laminating sheet if your stickers will be printed on a lot of stickers. The size of the clear sheet should be slightly bigger than the sticker paper, though.

In addition to standard shapes and sizes, custom sticker printing can be customized with a number of different materials. White vinyl, for example, is waterproof, UV-coated, and withstands exposure to water and oil. Foil-paper stickers, for example, add an extra dimension to products. Velvet and felt materials are also available to add to the aesthetics. Stickers made of these materials provide consumers with a fun, interactive experience while unboxing a product.

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