Different Methods of Clothes Printing

Written by adminsan on November 21, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

Whether you need personalised clothing for a party or business, there are several printing methods that you can use to get a design on your clothes. Before you get your design printed, make sure you understand the printing process, and also check the print quality.

A screen printing machine is the most commonly used technique for printing clothes. The screen is a negative image of the design that is applied to the garment. This is the best option for simple designs, but can be expensive for bulk orders.

Alternatively, you can hand paint your design with blocking paint. This will produce a rough surface, but it can be very effective. You can also use a laser guiding system to ensure that the fine details are in good registration.

Heat transfer is another technique for printing clothes. It works with full-color designs and feels like fabric. You can also use texturised inks for a sparkly effect. It’s more expensive than traditional methods, but it’s worth it for low-volume prints.

Dye-sublimation is another popular technique. This uses dye-based ink that turns into gas and joins polyester. The process takes longer to complete, but results in a high-quality print. This is also more expensive than standard cotton.

Direct to garment printing is another popular technique, but can be expensive to buy equipment for. It uses modern inkjet technology, and allows millions of color combinations. This technique is most commonly used for t-shirts, but it can be used on any fabric.

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