Different Methods of Clothes Printing

Written by adminsan on May 29, 2023 in Printing with no comments.

Clothes printing is a great way to add your own unique flair to any apparel or accessories that you sell. However, it’s important to know that there are multiple ways to do this and each method comes with a different set of costs and benefits.

Screen printing is a traditional print method that requires the use of a mesh screen and fabric paint to create your design. While this method provides high-quality results, it’s more expensive and has a larger setup time than other methods.

Printable vinyl printing requires a cutting machine, a printer with eco-solvent ink, and a heat press or EasyPress machine to apply the designs to your clothing. The process is easy to learn, and the material is inexpensive. However, this printing method isn’t ideal for small orders because it takes a while to cut and print the vinyl sheets. Additionally, printed vinyl isn’t very durable and can crack or peel with repeated washing.

Digital dye sublimation is the most popular print method for new clothing brands because it produces high-resolution prints with vibrant colors and a soft finish. The printing process is also faster than other methods and is ideal for bulk orders. However, this technique may not be suitable for all fabrics because it works best with polyester rather than cotton. Also, the heat transfer process can cause the shirt to shrink or stretch. So it’s important to test out your product before placing a large order.

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