Different Types of Clothes Printing

Written by adminsan on December 31, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

In recent years, digital printing has emerged as the most common pattern used in the fabric market. While it offers a number of advantages over screen printing, there are also some disadvantages.

Direct to garment printing, or DTG, is a versatile and fast way to print on t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing. This is ideal for complex designs, or for printing on both the front and back of a shirt. It can be a more affordable option, and a great way to personalize your clothes.

Direct to fabric printing, or DTF, works with silk, cotton, polyester, and other synthetic fibers. The print on this fabric is waterproof, and the image is durable.

Pigment printing, or PTP, uses dyes to create a picture on a particular part of the fabric. This is especially ideal for natural fabrics, and it builds up colour slowly.

Stamping, or serigraphy, is a traditional method for creating a fabric print. A stencil is made from solid wood or another material. Fabric paint is applied to the stencil and the stencil is then cut with a craft knife.

Heat transfer printing is an alternative. It uses wax-based inks that work with both cotton and polyester. These inks are applied to a piece of specialist paper, which is then transferred to the fabric.

The result is an attractive, long-lasting, and waterproof design. This technique can be done in-house, or professionally. It is a fast, inexpensive way to produce a small quantity of design.

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