Getting Your Logo on Clothes For Your Business

Written by adminsan on September 22, 2023 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

If you are considering putting your logo on a range of clothes for your business, it is important to select the right printing method. This will ensure that the print lasts as long as possible and does not fade or crack quickly. It is also vital that the printing method you choose does not leave any holes in the fabric, as this can affect the durability and quality of the finished item.

One way to print your designs on garments is by using a heat transfer method. This involves applying wax-based ink to the garment, which then melts into it. The result is a durable, smooth and water-resistant print. This type of print is suitable for cotton and polyester fabrics.

Another option is to use screen printing. This is a hand operation, or it can be done on an automatic machine. The cloth is placed on a table, gummed in place or pinned to the back gray, and a screen made of silk or nylon gauze stretched over a frame is laid on top. The screen has a design for one colour reproduced on it, with the open areas left blank. A squeegee is then used to apply ink across the whole screen. The ink is pushed through the open areas of the stencil, leaving the printed image on the cloth beneath.

Screen printing is a highly versatile and economical technique, and it can be used to print both artistic and commercial designs. Its popularity as a commercial printing process is due to the fact that one screen can be used over and over again, producing many identical images. It can also be used to produce a wide variety of effects, including glittery inks, texturised inks and puff inks which expand when heated.

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