How to Get Started in Sticker Printing

Written by adminsan on April 7, 2023 in Printing with no comments.

Stickers are a great way to promote and identify your business or brand. They can be printed in a variety of sizes, finishes, and materials for any occasion or use.

Make stickers to advertise your business, label products and equipment, and promote your passions or interests! Design and print the perfect stickers for your needs with Canva’s free online sticker maker.

Choose a size and material finish (matte or gloss) to get started printing stickers with Canva Print. When you’re ready to order, choose your desired quantity and we’ll ship them to you for free!

Choosing the right paper for your printer

When making stickers at home, it’s important to buy the correct sticker paper that’s made for your printer type. Using paper that’s not designed for your machine could cause damage and even break your printer!

Keep in mind that the surface texture of your sticker paper can also have a big impact on the quality of your prints. Glossy paper is smoother and makes the colors more vibrant, while matte paper is more writable.

Create a clear border around your designs so that the printer knows where to cut them when they’re done. This can save you a lot of time and hassle when you’re cutting multiple stickers with an at-home cutting machine.

Laminating your stickers is a great way to make them more water-resistant and protect them from UV rays and dirt. There are a few different ways to do this, including buying clear laminating sheets and using a thermal laminating machine.

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