How to Print From a Computer

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Printing is a mass-reproduction of text or images with ink on paper. It is usually carried out on an industrial scale, and is a key component of publishing and transaction printing. The first known printings were on cloth, and the earliest paper prints date from before 220 AD. Woodblock printing, a process that allows for the production of multiple copies with little labor, was developed in China before 1040 AD, followed by movable type, which made it much easier to produce complex texts, and a more efficient printing press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century.

The invention of printing enabled the dissemination of ideas that helped shape alterations in social and economic relations, and made the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution possible. It is true that print has since been challenged by competing audiovisual and information media, but it seems unlikely that the medium will disappear entirely.

To print from a computer, open the document you want to print, and then locate a print icon near the top of the program window (it will be one of a variety of icons that resemble printers with a piece of paper). Click on the print icon to display the Print dialog box, where you can adjust various printing settings.

If your file includes review markup from Word’s Track Changes or Comments feature, you will need to uncheck the option in the Print dialog box to avoid printing these marks. You can also check the Print double-sided box to print on both sides of the paper, and use the Layout menu to select a different page layout.

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