How to Use a Printer

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The skill, process, or business of producing printed material by impression from movable types or other devices. Also, the act of one who prints.

Printing can be used to make all kinds of things—from books and newspaper articles to textiles, wallpaper, packaging, and billboards. It can even be used to make tiny electronic circuits. It’s important to know how to use a printer, because it’s a vital tool for many jobs.

Traditionally, printing was done by hand, but today many people use computerized printers to print documents, pages, or pictures from a file or document. The first step is to open the file or document in the program that you want to print it from. Some programs have a dedicated Print menu; others include the command in the File menu or the top toolbar.

Then you can choose the settings for your print job. For example, you may want to change the paper size or number of copies. Then click OK or Print. The print job will start after a few moments.

Printing facilitated the spread of ideas that helped shape alterations in social relations made possible by industrial development and economic transformations. It also made it possible for ordinary people to read and comment on texts, challenging the authority of religious leaders and monarchs. Early “journeyman printers,” who had completed their apprenticeships, were free to roam Europe with their tools and prints, spreading the new methods wherever they went.

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