Printful – The Basics of Printing

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Printing is one of the most fundamental processes for recording information in a tangible form. It enables us to share our ideas, thoughts, and knowledge across time, space, and cultures. It has been a critical part of human communication and development for thousands of years.

Printful provides a variety of printing options for your products. The quality of your prints depends on the files you create and how well they meet our minimum requirements. If you want your orders to arrive quickly and as expected, the best way to ensure that is by putting in the extra work to make sure your designs meet our standards.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your print quality depends on the file format you choose. For the most accurate and high-quality prints, we recommend using vector formats (AI, SVG, EPS), or PDFs for graphics and images. If you are using raster formats such as JPG, we suggest choosing the maximum quality setting.

There are five major printing processes: relief, planographics (in which the printed and non-printing areas are separated by mechanical means – examples include letterpress and flexography), intaglio, and screen. For most commercial printing, however, the dominant process is lithography, which uses a tusche (a metal plate covered with greasy ink) or a lithographic stone to create the print. The lithographic stone or plate is then placed on top of paper, and the greasy ink and paper are passed through pressure to create the print.

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