Sticker Printing Basics

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sticker printing

When printing stickers, the resolution of the images is very important. The resolution refers to how well colors are reproduced when printed at the highest resolution. Generally, stickers should be printed at 1000 x 1000 dpi, but some printers go as high as 4800 x 2400 dpi. It’s also important to pay attention to color balance; designs with excessive amounts of black will have a different impact than ones with little or no black.

Sticker printing is commonly done on paper or vinyl. Some printers also offer label papers, which are handwritten. These are great for stickers on bottles and jars. When printing transparent stickers, clear glossy sticker paper is the best choice. This type of paper makes the product look transparent, which is an important characteristic for product labels. Sticker paper that comes in whole sheets is useful for cutting and laminating stickers.

To avoid color errors when printing stickers, be sure to choose the appropriate ink cartridge for the machine. Using the wrong ink cartridge will result in insufficient coloration and poor printing quality. Also, do not print stickers on the same sheet, as this can result in a printer jam. Sticker printing can be very costly if done incorrectly.

Aside from selecting the correct color ink, you must also choose the type of paper for your printer. You may need a vinyl sticker printer if you want your stickers to be durable and long-lasting. Sticker sheets with a laminate finish may require you to cut them yourself. If you prefer to print text-only stickers, try using a word document in Microsoft Word. The word document will allow you to adjust the page size and make it easier to cut out the stickers.

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