Sticker Printing Tips

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sticker printing

When you are printing stickers, the resolution of your printer is important. The resolution of stickers is typically measured in dots per inch (dpi). Some printers are capable of printing as high as 4800 dpi. Make sure to find out which resolution is best for your project and which will give you the best results. Also, check whether the printer has five or six ink colors, which will give you more accurate images.

Different types of paper, ink, and processes can affect the durability of your stickers. For example, if you plan to use vinyl bumper stickers, you may be disappointed when the sticker wears off and leaves unsightly remnants on your car. Also, not all stickers need to withstand the weather or be exposed to the elements, so be sure to consider the durability of your stickers before you invest in them.

When you choose your color scheme, remember that lighter colors don’t always translate well to black and white images. In fact, the lightest ten percent of the color spectrum may be difficult to see at all. Even subtle shades of yellow can appear white to an untrained eye. Black and white color balance will also affect the overall effect of your design.

When you want to print your stickers, be sure to pick a durable paper material with a high adhesive strength. Sticker printing is an effective way to promote a brand and make a lasting impression. Sticker printing at Manhattan Printing will allow you to create high-quality stickers that will last for years.

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