The Basics of Printing

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Printing is a type of production method that uses inked types or symbols on a printing press to produce duplicates of material such as newspapers, books, and signs. The process can also be used to apply images to materials like textiles and plates.

The first step in printing is to open the file you want to print, whether it’s a Word document, Pages document, or a picture. If the web page is printer-friendly, you can just hit Ctrl+P on PCs or Command+P on Apple computers to print the whole thing. If the web page has pictures, you can also open a single image by itself, hit Ctrl+P on PCs, or Command+P on Macs, to select a picture and print it only.

Embossing involves making an impression into thick paper over printed type or a design, which may be concave or convex. This technique is often used for letterheads and envelopes, but it can also be applied to business cards, mugs, and other promotional materials.

Movable type, which was invented in China in the 11th century, enabled more people to read and write, which spurred scholarly pursuits and ushered in a period of rapid economic development. Later, the rotary press allowed millions of copies to be produced at once. These innovations contributed to the multiplication of knowledge, but they also helped engender radio, television, microfilm, and tape recording as rival techniques. In the modern world, the multiplication of information is occurring even faster.

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