The Basics of Printing

Written by adminsan on October 12, 2023 in Printing with no comments.


Printing is the reproduction of an image or design on a surface, especially paper. The process of printing is used in the production of books, newspapers and magazines, maps, billboards, textiles, plates, wallpaper, phonograph records, and even miniature electronic circuits. The number of printed copies can be limited by the material and technology involved (as in artists’ editions), or artificially restricted for commercial reasons.

Prints are also useful for sharing and displaying original artwork with the public. Whether you have a digital photograph, a Word or Pages document, or any other file type, you can print it by going to File at the top toolbar and selecting Print. You’ll be able to select different printer settings in the Print dialog box, depending on your application.

It’s important to choose the correct paper type when making a print. Images look very different on various types of paper, for example a vivid colourful scene will not come to life on a dull matt print. The same can be said for different print surfaces, rough textured papers will bring out the best in woodland scenes for example.

Despite the rapid expansion of audiovisual and information media, the printed word continues to play a critical role in the multiplication and dissemination of knowledge. However, it is being seriously challenged by new technologies, such as radio and television scripts and pictures, and the emergence of the Internet.

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