The Basics of Printing

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Printing is the process of reproducing designs, characters, or words on an impressionable surface. It can be done with a wide variety of materials. Traditionally, printing used metal type and a printing press, but now many techniques are available. These include offset lithography, digital printing, screen printing, and more. The printing industry produces more than just books and newspapers, however. It also prints textiles, plates, wallpaper, billboards, and packaging. It has also been used by artists to create prints that combine text with images or objects.

While printing may seem old fashioned, it still has a major role to play in the modern world. It provides an efficient method for multiplication and dissemination of information, and it has helped engender new media such as radio, television, film, and tape recording.

Art prints make the work more accessible: Original art comes in limited quantities because it requires a lot of time and effort to produce. Prints allow a wider audience to enjoy the art and increase its value.

Before you can begin printing, ensure that your printer is updated and connected to your computer. Then, open the file you would like to print (it can be a PDF document, Word document, Pages document, or even just a picture). Once it is open, click Print on Windows computers or Command+P on Macs. This opens a window that allows you to specify additional printing options. Once you have adjusted these settings, click Print to start the printing process.

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