The Basics of Printing

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The printing process was first applied to textiles in Europe in the 15th century. It was later used for printing images on paper. These images were then used to create pages for books, bibles, and objects like playing cards. Artists also used the technique. One of them was Albrecht Durer, a German painter who produced woodcut prints of scenes from the Passion of Christ.

The process of printing involves a printing plate and paper. The ink is then transferred to the paper. The process can be repeated to add further colours. The end result is a print with an image of the original work of art. It’s also possible to print multiple copies of a single artwork. This makes it easy for a business to spread their name or market a product.

Another printing process is gravure printing, also known as intaglio printing. Gravure printing plates are expensive and are typically used for large-scale, high-quality printing. There are two kinds of gravure printing machines: roll-fed gravure printing and sheet-fed gravure printing. Similarly, screen printing, or silk-screening, is another popular method. Using a stencil, ink is forced through a screen in a specific pattern. Typically, this technique is used for t-shirts, billboards, and floor tiles.

Today, printing is used in almost every area of our lives. Stickers on our computers, T-shirts on the backs of people, and posters on walls are all examples of printing.

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