The Basics of Printing

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Printing is a process of reproducing text, illustrations, and designs on a durable surface. It is an important method for archiving information, and has a wide range of applications. For example, printing can produce posters, T-shirts, and computer stickers. It is also used to make textiles, wallpaper, and miniature electronic circuits.

Printing was big in the 15th century, when the printing press was invented. Before this, books were copied one by one. But the printing press made it possible to produce thousands of copies. Today, newspapers are increasingly digital, but books are still essential to society. Especially in developing countries, print production is a great way to spread information and communicate with others.

The process of printing involves many moving parts. In book publishing, for example, the publisher is responsible for editing, designing, and marketing, as well as negotiating with a printer. It is possible to print two or four-color books, but these are not cheap. Color printing requires four printing plates, which cost more than two-color printing.

The first step in printing is to prepare the fabric. This will provide the desired characteristics. During the preparation process, the unprinted fabric is treated with a substance to make the pigment adhere to the fabric. In addition, this process keeps the original look of the fabric.

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