The Fundamentals of Printing

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The process of printing uses ink to transfer images from a matrix to a different surface. The most common surface for printing is paper, though the technology can be applied to a variety of materials. Traditional printing methods include woodcut, etching, engraving, and lithography. However, in recent years, the techniques used to produce these materials have become more advanced and include screenprinting. Using a printer to create a poster on a wall is an excellent example of this evolution.

The development of printing may have been brought to the Chinese and Korean empires by the Mongols, who had previously lived in the area. The Mongols frequently invaded Europe from around 1000 AD, and may have shared the technology with the Hulegu (the Persian emperor). The Mongols also brought with them the technology of printing, and it is likely they spread it to other countries. The word horde from Turkic languages may have become widely used in European languages through the Mongol invasion.

Initially, the printing of books using movable type was a major breakthrough in European culture. The impact of this invention is comparable to the development of language and the alphabet. Although there is some doubt about the dominance of print in our modern society, the influence of the printed word on oral communication means that it cannot be displaced in any way. And the process continues to be as important today as it was centuries ago. Once you understand the fundamentals of printing, you will be able to appreciate its importance.

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