The Importance of Printing

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While some have argued that printing will soon be obsolete, there are many benefits to printed texts. Unlike images or radio scripts, printed texts are preserved forever and can serve as valuable tools for reflection. And they are more accessible than ever. Read on to learn more about the importance of printed documents. And, of course, print your own copies! But, before we get into the history of printing, let us examine the different forms of printed materials. Here are some of them.

Printing can be done in relief or planographic methods. Relief printing, for example, elevates the image above the non-image area. Flexography, on the other hand, puts the non-printing areas on the same plane, but in a different physiochemical way. Intaglio printing, on the other hand, places the nonprinting areas at a common level with the substrate, with etched or raised areas that make lighter areas visible.

While printing brought about a lot of social changes, it was also associated with great religious fervor. The first printed books were religious, and the crown and church regulated what was printed. However, a Protestant, pro-Catholic pamphlet was even burned to death, so the power of the church and the crown was never higher. This revolution in printing, however, changed the social nature of reading. Once books were accessible to the public, they opened up new avenues for critical reading.

Relief printing, gravure printing, and offset printing are common processes for printing wallcoverings. A variety of other printing methods are also used to produce art. The most popular printing method for t-shirt designs is silk-screen printing. In silk-screen printing, the design is created on a mesh-screen. The ink is transferred through the mesh. Afterward, a stencil pattern prevents ink from getting to the fabric. The resulting design is a beautiful and unique wallcovering, and can be used as a decorative wall hanging.

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