The Importance of Printing

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The printing process begins by making a printing plate, which consists of a plate and paper. The plate is then run through a printing press. The pressure from the press forces ink from the etched lines on the plate onto the paper, resulting in the mirror image of the design. The process can be repeated to add more colours.

While many forms of information are available in electronic form, printing is most often used on paper. Paper is a durable medium, and is often used in packaging or labels. In addition to paper, printing is also used to make products such as T-shirts and posters. Thousands of copies per hour can be produced by modern presses.

Printing has transformed the way people consume information. It has helped shape economic and social change, making it possible for the spread of ideas and information. People in most countries now have access to information of all kinds. While newspapers and magazines have moved online, the importance of books can’t be underestimated. Throughout history, printing has influenced the advancement of science, technology, and culture.

Before printing became popular in the West, it was practiced by the ancients. The Orient had long known the principle, and it was only in Europe that it was used in printing. The European writing system uses only a small set of abstract symbols, whereas Chinese handwriting requires more than 80,000 different symbols to convey information.

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