Tips for Ordering Sticker Printing

Written by adminsan on August 10, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

sticker printing

If you are in need of stickers for your business or for personal use, sticker printing can be a cost-effective solution. The prices for custom sticker printing range from very affordable to highly-expensive, depending on the quantity and quality of the stickers. Here are some tips to keep in mind when ordering custom sticker printing. A good rule of thumb is to always get a proof of the design before ordering. This way, you can catch any mistakes and correct them before the stickers actually go to print.

Before ordering your stickers, remember that color balance is important. Colors with lighter values tend to transfer poorly into black and white images, and colors at the lightest end of the color spectrum do not translate well. Even subtle shading can appear white to a casual observer. The color balance in black tone will affect the overall impact of your design. Color balances are essential for achieving a consistent effect. Blacks should be in a balanced proportion to the color ink.

Before ordering stickers, create your design in image editing software. Choose the printing quality you desire and click the print button. Set the printer to high-quality print mode to get the best quality. If you are using a tablet or a computer, make sure to download the necessary software to edit your image and make changes if needed. Once you have made your design, it’s time to select the printing location. If you want the sticker to be water-resistant, laminating it will make it waterproof. If you want the stickers to be waterproof, you should choose the correct paper size and surface texture.

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