Types of Clothes Printing

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clothes printing

There are a number of different methods for clothes printing. The most common type is screen printing, which uses a stencil (special paper with openings) to make a design on a garment. The printout is placed on a fabric substrate that is coated with a special ink and the stencil is cut with a plotter (a machine that cuts out a pattern on the fabric using a template created in software). Different kinds of screen printing machines are available, and each has its own set of benefits.

Embroidered clothing has the benefit of giving a design a three-dimensional effect on a piece of clothing. Embroidery is a popular choice for workwear apparel because the logo does not fade in the wash. This option is particularly useful when the garment will be worn repeatedly. Embroidered garments also look professional, making them suitable for frequent wear. Embroidered garments can be worn for years to come.

Screen printing uses specialist inks that give the finished product a unique look. This type of printing is most commonly used on dark and textured fabrics. Many clothing printers use heat-treated inks to ensure the final product has a long-lasting, durable print. They are also suitable for a variety of different types of fabrics. One of the best aspects of this technique is that it’s extremely versatile. The inks used to produce the finished product are very durable and can withstand a variety of washing processes.

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