Types of Clothes Printing

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clothes printing

There are four primary types of textile printing, screen printing, block printing, and heat transfer printing. These printing styles can be further classified into direct printing, discharge printing, and resist printing. In each of these processes, the cloth is first dyed with a background colour. Next, reagents, or colouring matter, are carried through a print paste. The dyed area is then covered with a protective resist, which is applied to the rest of the cloth.

After a design has been created, the screen is then laid on a printing board. A stencil is created and ink is added to one end. This squeegee pulls the ink across the screen and presses it through the openings in the textile. The printout is now ready for the next item. The printing process is repeated for each new garment. In the final step, a special washing fluid removes the stencil emulsion and the screen mesh is reused.

Clothing embroidering is another type of clothes printing. This method uses thread to create a more durable design on the garment. This method of clothing printing is particularly useful when a company or organization is trying to make its logo stand out. Unlike other types of clothing printing, this type of embroidery will not fade even after numerous washes. Therefore, it is ideal for workwear and frequently worn items. You can even have a custom logo embroidered on the back of a t-shirt.

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