Types of Clothing Printing

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Whether you want to have personalised clothing for work or for parties, it’s easy to get it done. You can have a variety of different types of clothing printed from t-shirts to sweaters. These items can also be used for fashion designs and team shirts for sporting events.

Direct to garment printing is a newer method of printing that uses the freedom of inkjet printing. It works best for small-batch printing and it’s a versatile technique.

This type of printing uses a specialized ink that soaks into the fabric, creating a waterproof image. It is ideal for intricate details and complex designs. It also makes the print last longer than the material it’s applied to.

Direct to garment printing is also known as DTG printing. Unlike other printing techniques, this method allows for the addition of multiple colors.

Using this method, you can print on any type of fabric. Depending on the type of material, results will vary. The most common type of fabric is cotton.

There are also poly-cotton blends. These fabrics are softer than cotton, but they tend to wrinkle more easily. They also take more time to create.

If you need to create a large amount of custom prints, screen printing is a good option. It’s also the most cost-effective method.

Screen printing is often used in textiles printed with multi-coloured designs. Depending on the desired pattern, you may have to print several times.

Another popular method of printing textiles is heat transfer printing. Heat is used to permanently bond the inks to the fabric. This method is fast and inexpensive, but can be used for only a few designs.

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