Types of Printing

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Printing is the process of mass reproducing text and images on a large scale. Various types of printing techniques are used for different applications. These include photographic prints, lithographic printing, offset lithography, screenless printing, and relief printing.

Photographic prints are made from photo negatives. These are developed by exposing the flat to UV light. After processing, the image is transferred onto a rubber blanket. The blanket is then wiped off and the plate is sprayed with water. A transparent sheet is placed over the printed work. This sheet is then called the photographic proof.

Intaglio is a technique that involves printing areas on a plane surface. It also has printing areas below the surface. However, the areas below the surface are inked or etched.

Planographic printing is a method of reproducing drawings and artwork. It is used to create a three-dimensional effect by placing the finished product on a board and photographing it. For planographic printing, a light-sensitive film is exposed to registration with a background of white paper.

Screenprinting uses a fine mesh to print a graphic. During the screenprinting process, ink is pushed through the openings in the mesh. Colors are layered, resulting in a variety of effects. Depending on the application, the screen can be used for signage, fabrics, or glass.

Sheet-fed printing is an automated process. It involves feeding sheets through a machine that feeds the paper to the printer automatically. Some sheet-fed machines can print on paper up to 120 inches wide and 160 inches tall.

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