Types of Printing Machines

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printing machine

A printing machine is a mechanical device that applies pressure to an inked surface that is resting on a print medium. Various types of printing machines are available. They vary in their features, and may be used for different types of jobs.

Offset presses are commonly used for high volume printing. They produce sharp images and are often used for advertising campaigns. Generally, these presses use fast-drying inks. These are also used to print magazines, greeting cards, gift wraps, wallpaper, and more.

The design of a press is important. Improvements in the press’s design have led to better paper quality and quicker operations. Other innovations include the use of automatic paper reels and photoelectric control of the color register.

Offset presses are designed to print two or four colors at once. Some offset presses are web-fed. This type of press is most commonly used to print magazine and newspaper ads, calendars, gift wraps, and other print projects.

Intaglio presses are another type of printing machine. An intaglio press consists of a flat bed with two heavy rollers. It is useful for relief printing, engraving, and lino cutting.

Lithographic printing is another type of printing process. It involves applying ink to a printed surface using an inking block or blanket. Typically, this is done on a wooden or metal block.

Industrial printing machines are less expensive alternatives to stamping, UV coating, and other forms of finishing. They can print on a variety of materials, including paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic, and more.

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