Types of Printing Machines

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A printing machine is a device that transfers an image to a sheet of paper or other material. Several different types of printing machines are available, each with its own specific features. Some of these include:

Roller Printing – A roller printing machine uses a central cylinder that passes the fabric to be printed and a number of colour printing rollers, carrying different colours that press against the fabric. The dye is then absorbed by the brush like surface and transferred to the design engraved rollers.

Pigment Printing – A pigment is made into a colour printing paste and placed on the fabric, this paste contains a binder to hold the dye and also contains resin that acts as the binder. The paper is then fed into the machine and the heat zone causes the paper to vapourize the pigment, which is absorbed by the fabric.

Transfer Printing – A dye is placed on the cloth and this is then brought into contact with the heated area of the machine. The heat cause the dye to vapourize, which is then absorbed by the fabric.

Laser Printer – A laser printer is one of the most popular types of printing machines, as they have a low cost and can be used in a variety of industries. They are known for their crisp and high quality images and can be used to produce documents, brochures, magazines, packaging, and more.

Digital T-Shirt Printing – A digital t-shirt printer is a great option for small businesses that need to print simple designs. This process can be used to print single-color shirts and sports jerseys, but it’s not the most efficient or cost-effective for large orders with multiple designs.

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