Types of Printing Machines

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printing machine

A printing machine is a large piece of machinery used to print text or images on paper and other substrates. It uses a press or roller to apply pressure and transfer ink. Different types of printing machines use different technologies and techniques. Some are designed to produce a single type of text or image while others are made to print multiple types on a large scale.

The first modern industrial printing machines began to appear in the early 1500s. These were based on Gutenberg’s earlier work at the mint, and replaced wood blocks with metal ones. The new printing process made it possible to reproduce texts in huge numbers, which opened up the possibility of a democratization of knowledge and information.

In modern times there are two main types of printing, digital and commercial. Digital printing takes advantage of high speed printers that can handle large runs of brochures and business cards. Digital printers can also handle a range of materials from paper to plastic.

Commercial printing is still a popular choice for businesses that need to create large volumes of marketing materials. These can be produced on a wide variety of materials and can be customized with foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, and other special finishes.

Digital printing is a great option for creating new labels for your products to keep up with FDA regulations. These can be printed quickly on a digital press, saving you time and money when changing over to new labels.

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