Types of Printing Machines

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printing machine

A printing machine is a mechanical device that applies pressure on an inked surface. The printing press is often made of wood or metal, and is used to create a variety of printed materials, such as bills, menus, and tickets. The machine is typically automated, so it can operate at a high speed. However, many people still make the mistake of buying the wrong type of machine. For this reason, you need to understand a little about the different types of printing machines available in the market.

The Kornit Breeze is an introductory machine and is one of the smallest in its group. It has a 4′ x 5′ frame and a modern, sleek design. Its unique feature is its integrated pre-treatment system. It is also compatible with a gas dryer. For maximum efficiency and flexibility, this printing machine is ideal for medium to high-volume printing jobs. The Kornit Breeze is also a great option for newbies who want to make a big impact with their first printing job.

Depending on its type, a rotary printing machine produces a wide variety of prints. This machine is a good choice for large, intricate prints. With this type of printing, the image is curved around the cylinder. It was first invented by Richard March Hoe in 1843, although other sources attribute the innovation to Hippolyte Auguste Marinoni. Gravure printing, meanwhile, involves engraving an image directly onto a cylinder. This method is particularly useful when printing color images.

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