Types of Printing

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In printing, the ink is applied to flat or curved surfaces. Different paper types can be used for different types of printing, depending on the application. There are different types of printing ink and different degrees of coverage. Some inks are transparent while others are opaque. Cover paper and the type of ink used for printing are also important considerations. Some papers are more prone to wear and tear, while others are more durable than others. The types of paper used for printing may vary by country.

Traditional letterpress is still in use on a small scale and is typically found in specialty shops. The letterpress process often utilizes photopolymer plates that translate digital designs into raised plates for use on vintage presses. Recently, letterpress has experienced a renaissance and is now used in wedding invitations and other high-end printing projects. While it is still a traditional printing technique, modern technology allows for many other types of print production, besides letterpress.

Offset lithography, the oldest type of printing, uses plates for each color of the image. Offset printing is an ideal solution for projects that call for multiple colors. Offset printing requires multiple printing plates, so some projects will require only two or three colors, while others may need four or even more, including specialty spot colors and varnishes. Some printing processes are cheaper than others, such as engraving and thermography. Both methods use special powders to create unique designs.

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