Types of Sticker Printing

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sticker printing

If you need stickers for your business, a professional printing company can help. This type of printing allows you to customize your stickers and choose the type that will best fit your needs. There are two types of printing: offset and digital. Offset printing is a process that moves the graphic from a rubberized cylinder or platter to the paper. It produces good-looking prints because it separates colors into CMYK color schemes. Separate file types are created for each color and specific inks are used for each.

There are two basic types of sticker printing: letterpress and flexography. Letterpress uses a portable type and press to print on sticker paper. This method is ideal for smaller projects and can only produce one color. However, if you want to print many stickers at once, flexography is the way to go. This method uses a platter or master print and is the most common type of sticker printing. It is also easier to find and less expensive than brand-name ink.

A digital print method is not as popular, but it is a good alternative for fast sticker printing. The process is similar to screen-printing, except that instead of utilizing screens, you are using stencils. In a digital print, you simply send your design to a print facility, and they produce your stickers. Then, you wait for a few days. Once your order is ready, you can order your stickers. Then, you can pick up your custom stickers.

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