Types of Sticker Printing

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sticker printing

When you are considering the various options for sticker printing, it is important to choose the right printer. If you want vibrant colors and stunning detail, you should opt for a digital offset printer. However, you should keep in mind that if you are only looking for a few labels, it may be better to choose shrink sleeve labels. These labels are inexpensive and can be used in the food industry. Depending on the purpose of the stickers, they can either be for promotional purposes or for marketing.

The most common type of sticker printing is screen printing. This method uses synthetic screens and stencils to transfer graphic designs onto sticker paper. To make the stickers, a master print is created. The graphic is then placed onto a printing platter and folded into the desired shape. When this process is finished, the stickers will be beautifully printed. These printing methods are often the most affordable and produce high-quality results. In fact, the process is very easy and produces beautiful stickers.

One disadvantage of using CMYK process is that light-value colors do not translate well into black and white images. The lightest ten percent of the color spectrum may appear white to an untrained eye. Similarly, if your design has a high percentage of black color, it will be affected differently if the ink used in it is light or dark. A good option is to use compatible cartridges. Compatible cartridges contain the same components as brand name cartridges, but are custom-filled for best results. Compatible cartridges are also cheaper and can be purchased for as little as forty or fifty percent less than the original ink.

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