Types of Sticker Printing

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sticker printing

Types of Sticker Printing

The most popular type of sticker printing is the shrink sleeve label. These are popular with the food industry as they are easy to apply and inexpensive to produce. For small quantities, sheet-fed offset is the best option as individual pages are fed into the machine. When it comes to vibrant colors and stunning detail, digital offset is the best option. These labels are also available in custom shapes and sizes. Read on to learn more about the various types of sticker printing and how to make the most of them.

Screen printing is the most common method of sticker printing. It is a simple process that makes use of synthetic screens to create the image. One color is mixed and pressed onto the sticker paper. Then another color is cut and placed over the first one. This process is repeated until all the colors have been moved to the next color on the stencil. You can also use the ink-jet printer for your sticker printing needs. You will need to purchase an ink cartridge for your printer in order to get the desired printouts.

The most common method of sticker printing is screen printing. Using a synthetic screen, a graphic is transferred from a rubberized cylinder or platter to a sheet of sticker paper. This method produces great color and is the simplest to use. In screen printing, a color stencil is used to create the design. Ink is mixed and applied to the stencil for one color, and a stencil for the next is cut and pressed onto the sticker paper. This process is repeated until all the colors are printed.

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