What is Clothes Printing?

Written by adminsan on October 31, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

The process of clothes printing involves the printing of designs or images onto garments. Depending on the garment, different printing techniques are used to create a design. Some methods use inkjet technology while others use a heat press. Each method has different advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of heat transfer is that it is very cost-effective for small print runs. However, it is time-consuming and can be expensive if you need to make a large number of prints. Another method uses direct-to-garment printing that uses a modern inkjet printing technology.

This method is also known as screen printing or digital printing. The difference between these two methods is the ability to create different effects on the finished product. For instance, you can use glittery, puff or texturised inks to give your product a unique look. Additionally, the printer will consider the type of fabric you are using to create your design. Inks that are machine washable are often used. Alternatively, heat-treated inks are used to produce a long-lasting and high-quality item.

Another common method for clothes printing involves heat transfer printing. This involves digital printing and heat transfer. In this process, you design the design using a computer program and then print it onto a white transfer paper. A plotter is then used to cut out the transfer using the digital outline. The finished heat transfer is then placed on the desired spot on the garment and is then heat-treated.

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