What Is Printing?

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Printing is the process of making an image or object by transferring it to a surface with a specialized device called a press. It’s a type of mass-production that has been used for centuries to produce everything from books to newspapers.

There are many different kinds of printing processes and types of prints. Most are familiar from their use in everyday life but some are less common and even unique.

Etchings and engravings are done on metal plates, usually copper or zinc. Collagraphs are a more diverse group of prints, ranging from cardboard, paper and wood plates to plastic and metal.

Offset lithography is a very common type of reproduction print that can be found in newspapers, magazines and fine art posters. Original lithographs, however, are very different from their photographically reproduced cousins.

Inks are applied in tiny droplets onto the printing plate, then the image is transferred to the surface of the paper or other materials that make up the printing media. These materials are manipulated, layered, or sprayed in different ways to create a range of textures on the printed surface.

Bleed is a design element that allows for extra material to be added to the edges of a document before it’s cut and folded into a final product. This is a good practice for any type of document that will be framed or displayed on a wall, but especially for documents like brochures and business cards, where the print may be larger and heavier than a standard piece of paper.

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