What Is Printing?

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The term printing is often used to describe the process of reproducing an image or other printed material. Unlike a computer file, which is stored on a disk, printed material is produced in a single step. Unlike a computer file, which has many layers and hundreds of colors, printed material has only four basic colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These four colors are used in printing to create different types of printed materials.

Traditional printing processes used to reproduce texts and illustrations by applying colour under pressure. But modern printing processes do not rely on mechanical pressure or the material concept of colouring agents. This represents a significant development and may even displace other processes. In addition to reproducing text and illustrations, printing can also produce textiles and packaging materials. It is even used in the manufacture of miniature electronic circuits. It has evolved over time into a highly efficient and versatile medium.

The great discoveries movement was a era of social, economic, and religious change. During this time, Italian republics achieved high production and the Hanseatic League enjoyed a commercial upsurge. While the landed aristocracy declined, the mercantile bourgeoisie emerged. And in most countries, information of all kinds reached every strata of society. Its impact on the development of society can be seen today.

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