What Is Printing?

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Printing is the process of transferring an image from a computer to paper or another substrate. It involves a combination of type and visual elements to convey a message in a way that is easy to understand.

To print a document or file on a computer, open the file and click File at the top of your screen, then Print (or Command+P on an Apple computer). This will bring up a window with all the options you need to make a print. The steps for this will vary depending on the type of file and program you’re using to open it.

An etching technique that gives high-contrast images for printing, as compared to continuous-tone film. Also known as litho film and repro film.

A coating applied to the surface of a paper that increases the amount of ink it holds and helps prevent smudges, fingerprints or other marks. Coatings are usually matte, dull or glossy and may be textured or embossed.

Embossed surface on paper that simulates the appearance of linen cloth.

A sheet that attaches the inside pages of a case-bound book to its cover. Also called end papers and pastedowns.

Method of printing in more than one color by creating a separate plate for each hue, then running it through the press with a piece of paper to produce an impression of each. The resulting prints are called multicolor or four-color printing.

The set of identical impressions produced from the same inked plate by an artist working alone or in conjunction with a master printer. A print is considered part of an edition if it is signed and numbered by the artist or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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