What Is Printing?

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Traditional definition of printing is the process of applying ink and colour under pressure to produce texts or illustrations. New technologies such as laser printing, digital printing, and 3D printing are challenging the monopoly of printing. Printing helped develop many new audiovisual media, including television, film, and microfilm. Printing also spawned rival processes, such as the printing of textiles and wallpaper. Today, printing is used to make miniature electronic circuits, as well as a variety of other products.

Sheet-fed printing is the most common method for offset litho printing. This printing process uses a machine that feeds sheets automatically and can produce larger, more flexible product sizes. The machine uses small feet to pick up the paper, which is fed through the press by rollers and grip pieces. This process increases efficiency and drives down costs. Paper up to 120 by 160 inches can be used for this process. Once the press is set up, the copies are cut to the size required.

The invention of printing ushered in a new era of technological change. It allowed the dissemination of ideas and shaped social and economic transformations. In most countries, information of all types reached all levels of society. From books to music, the rise of the bourgeoisie sparked an era of invention and technological innovation. However, there was no clear path to the perfect digital world. The process of printing facilitated the development of the modern world, including the industrial revolution, the Renaissance, and the information revolution.

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