What Is Printing?

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Printing is a process that uses a printing plate to create a design on a piece of paper. The plates are made using a photomechanical process, and are attached to plate cylinders on a printing press. The printing press rolls the paper through the plate cylinders, forcing ink from the imaged areas of the plate onto the paper. The result is a mirror image of the design on the plate.

Before printing became popular in the 15th century, books were copied one by one. But thanks to the printing press, it was possible to print thousands of copies at once. While newspapers and other forms of media are now being distributed online, books continue to hold an important place in society. The first known book was printed in China in 868, and a collection of Chinese classics containing 130 volumes was started in 932.

Today, printing is used for many different applications. Its use extends beyond printing books, including computer screens and posters. Even stickers and T-shirts are printed with this technology. Its durability makes it a practical choice for many projects, and it allows for large volume printing without compromising the quality of the image. This method uses quick-drying semi-liquid inks and can be used for high-volume jobs. Ink is transferred from the printing plate to the paper using a rotating cylinder.

Prints are made by converting an original work of art into printable form. The image is transferred from a hard surface called a matrix to a paper, card, or fabric using pressure. This technique is known as relief printing.

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