What is the Difference Between Clothes Printing and Screen Printing?

Written by adminsan on May 29, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

You may wonder what is the difference between clothes printing and screen printing. Basically, clothes printing involves creating a design in digital software, then printing it onto a piece of white transfer paper. Then, using a plotter, you cut out the design from the paper following the outline created by the software. You then place the print-out on a suitable spot on a garment. It is then heat-treated to adhere to the fabric.

This process is known as screen printing, and is the most common method for printing clothes. Shirt printing involves applying a design to the t-shirt using a screen. Screen printing uses a stencil, which is a special piece of paper that has openings that allow ink to flow through. Using a mesh screen makes the printing process faster, because it makes swapping out the fabric and paper easier. There are several different kinds of screen-printing machines available. Some are manual, some are semi-automatic, and others are completely automated.

Clothing printing involves the use of specialist inks that can create different effects. For example, glittery or texturised inks can give a garment a sparkly look or feel. Depending on the style and design, puffy inks can create a raised surface. Clothing printers consider the fabric before choosing the right inks. If the clothing is meant to be machine-washed, the inks used will be washable and suitable for dry cleaning. If the item is to be kept in a wardrobe, heat-treated inks will ensure that the print will last a long time.

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