What Types of Clothes Printing Are Available?

Written by adminsan on November 25, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

Whether you’re looking to make a gift for a loved one, or you want to make a statement with your own personal wardrobe, clothes printing is a great way to customize your look. There are a variety of different printing options to choose from, and each one requires a different set of supplies.

Direct to garment printing is a method of printing that uses modern inkjet technology to print directly onto shirts. It can produce a high quality print and can work with virtually any design. It can also be used on large quantities, which makes it an ideal option for outsourced production.

Screen printing is a method of printing that works best on cotton and other fabrics. It requires a larger area for setup, but it can create multiple shirts quickly. The cost is also higher upfront.

Another method of clothing printing is heat transfer. This method works with full-color designs and is a cost-effective option for low-volume prints. However, it’s not as durable as screen printing, and it requires a learning curve.

Plastisol transfer sheet printing is another option that works well for smaller orders. However, it requires a digital graphic design, and a heat press. The transfer can peel away later if applied incorrectly.

Sublimation printing is a more professional method of printing that works well on polyester. It creates a permanent design on polyester, but it’s not suitable for cotton or natural fibers. It uses heat to turn the dye into gas, which bonds with the fabric.

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