What Types of Clothing Printing Are Available?

Written by adminsan on April 4, 2022 in Printing with no comments.

clothes printing

When it comes to clothing printing, there are a few different options. The most common are heat transfer and direct-to-garment printing. When it comes to heat transfer, you can choose between a few-color and full-color design. You will need to learn a lot about the process, so make sure you do your research and pick a printer that’s the best fit for your needs. For high-volume printing jobs, water-based inks are your best bet. Moreover, they are more affordable than plastisol inks.

Another option is clothing embroidery, which uses thread to create a three-dimensional design on a piece of clothing. This method is popular for workwear because of its durability and long-lasting quality. It also doesn’t fade even after several washes. If you’re looking for a way to make a great-looking logo, consider a high-quality garment. It will last a long time and look great no matter how many times it’s washed.

Whether you’re looking to make a custom shirt for a company or just want to make a personal gift, direct-to-garment printing is an ideal solution. The process allows you to use high-quality ink on a garment without worrying about the quality. With DTG printing, you’ll have a fully customizable design and a variety of colors. DTG printing is best for smaller batches. Dark-colored clothing won’t look as good on it, so you should choose light-colored shirts if possible.

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